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Pecan Consumption on the Rise

The USDA released pecan cold storage data for the month of February 2019 and the data shows, supplies are down from the same time last year. While the overall total pecans in cold storage is only slightly lower than the same time last year, the shelled pecans in cold storage have risen significantly for January and February. Shelled pecans in cold storage in January were up 27.1% and up again in February by 36.72% from the same time last year. This indicates a significant rise in shipments of shelled pecans. In-shell pecans in cold storage are the exact opposite, from January of 2018 to January 2019 in-shell pecans are down 13.16% and in February 2019, in-shell pecans in storage are down 18.1%. To sum up the numbers overall pecans in cold storage are slightly down from the same time last year indicating an increase in consumption or a decrease in supply. Overall pecans that have been shelled and awaiting shipment has risen significantly with January up 27% and February up 36%, while in-shell pecan supply is down 13% and 18% respectively. Note pecans are stored in-shell unless they are being prepared to be delivered to a customer. Click to see the full USDA Cold Storage Report.