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On Feb 1, 2018 the global Pecan community learned of the investigation into a Texas based pecan co-op accused of theft. As more growers come forward, authorities now question how big this investigation could get.

In the past 3 weeks growers from across the United States have come forward saying they too have been victimized by the Pecan CO-OP. The Texas based Pecan CO-OP has been under investigation before, according to some growers we spoke with. Multiple growers we spoke with say that the CO-OP has been operating this way for many years. One grower from Oklahoma, who has asked not to be named said, “We put our crop in [the pecan pool], in 2012, they paid us $0.20, that’s it!” We have attempted multiple times to contact board members of the Pecan CO-OP with little luck; so far, the Pecan CO-OP is keeping quiet as the investigation into their mis-dealings widens.