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Dewayne McCasland the former pecan co-op president confirmed in an email that the pecan co-op, Pecan Producers Inc. has in fact not paid its members and does not know when they will be paid or if they will be paid. Dewayne McCasland owner of SNT Equipment & and a recently expanded pecan shelling plant and retail store in Goldthwaite, TX, says that he knows for a fact that the pecan co-op has not paid its members. DeWayne McCasland says that the price of pecans has been too low, and the co-op would have to take a loss if they were to sell in this market over the last 5 years. Mr. McCasland stated that the pecan co-op was working to shell the product, but that Navarro Pecan has been unable to shell all the pecans, Mr. McCasland says that some of the grower’s pecans have been shelled but not delivered yet. The former pecan co-op president says he has endured loads of calls from pecan co-op members wanting to know when they will be paid. Mr. McCasland has since stepped down as president and left the mob of concerned growers to new Pecan CO-OP president Martin Mount.