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Pecan Board Nominations Due by the 20th

The American Pecan Promotion Board (APPB) has extended the nomination period for open board seats. The APPB sent out an announcement via email yesterday, stating the extended nomination period due a mix up with original announcements. 


The APPB consists of 17 members when all seats are filled. The board consists of 10 pecan grower members and 7 pecan importer members to direct the use of collected assessments on pecans grown in the US as well as pecans imported into the US. 


The board seats for growers are separated geographically into 3 regions, eastern, central, and western regions. The Western region has 4 grower seats available and the central region has one grower seat available. 


There are also 2 importer seats available for nomination and to the best of my knowledge are not broken into any geographic region, however the importer must have imported more than 50,000 lbs in-shell or 25,000 lbs shelled annually for the last 4 consecutive years to be eligible. 

If you have a nomination for the board seats be sure to get your nominations in by the 20th of February. For more information about nominations reach out to the board staff at industry@eatpecans.com or visit their website www.eatpecans.com to get more contact information.