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Oklahoma Pecan Growers Meet This Week

The Oklahoma Pecan Growers Association will be holding its annual convention and trade show this week in Broken Arrow, OK at the Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center. The trade show will begin on Thursday lasting through Saturday June 12th. 


Oklahoma is a large producer of the nation’s native pecan crop with much of the native pecans growing naturally along river bottoms throughout Oklahoma and into Texas. The Noble Research Center located in Oklahoma provides important research and education for pecan growers all over the US, as well as focusses on local growers and their environment. 


The educational conference will cover topics concerning pecan disease and pest management, weevil and aphid updates, and pecan cultivars for commercial production. 


The US Pecan Growers Council, the National Pecan Federation, and the American Pecan Council are scheduled to give updates about progress and current work being done by the respective organizations on behalf of pecan growers. 


The Georgia Pecan Growers held their annual meeting last week and next month the Texas Pecan Growers Association will be holding their annual convention and trade show. If you are a pecan grower or an aspiring grower or involved in the industry, I would highly suggest any or all of these meetings as a great place to meet like minded growers, buyers, suppliers and everyone in between. The conferences are always a great place to network, meet new people and learn new information.