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North American Pecan Harvest Nears Completion

The 2021-22 pecan harvest got underway in late September of last year with growers in Georgia harvesting their early varieties. Harvest in the southeastern US was slightly behind previous years and the crop seems to have been significantly lighter than expected. Dr. Lenny Wells from the University of Georgia discusses his thoughts on this issue in several updates to the industry. 


Shortly after the southeastern US began harvest other states began harvesting across the southern US with middle Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma starting a few weeks after Georgia. West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona starting the latest in the season as per usual for the North American pecan harvest and now the west is soon to complete the 2021-22 pecan harvest. 


Growers have reported good quality in the west, however in the eastern US quality is good for most but many of us have had a mixed bag depending on the varieties. The eastern crop came in short on our farm and many of our neighbors had similar reports. Younger trees faired well but older trees seemed to have a very light crop and even on younger trees we seemed to have more “pops” than in previous years. 


Southern and Middle Texas has reported a decent to good crop however moving north toward Oklahoma growers are reporting a short crop with minor quality issues but overall good quality, just not a very big crop. 


West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona have reported a decent crop with good quality. Growers have seen decent harvest weather and have been able to move through the harvest quickly, with minimal weather delays. The west is expected to complete this years harvest in the next few weeks as many growers are nearing completion. 


Mexican growers have dealt with water allocation issues throughout the season and has reported a short crop from many of the smaller growers in the region. Mexico, like the US is made up mostly of small to medium size growers. With many trees in the Delicias area having trouble getting water this season the crop was expected to come up short. As the crop continues to be processed and sent to the US we will be able to see just how short the crop is for the season. 


Growers in both the US and Mexico who have a good quality crop have experienced strong on the farm prices. Buyers have been eager to obtain good quality pecan stocks for the year. Pecan prices on the farm have started strong and continued to firm up as the harvest season revealed the shorter crop from the eastern US. Pecan prices have held steady above $2.00 in-shell ($4.30 – $4.60 per point) for improved varieties with good quality.