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North American Pecan Harvest Begins This Month

Pecan growers across the southern US and northern Mexico are ready to bring this year’s pecan crop across the finish line. With less than 30 days until harvest begins on early cultivars, pecan producers are getting ready to begin harvest for the season. 


This year has been a relatively good growing year and most producers are expecting a good crop. Native pecans in Texas are being reported as hit and miss this year with some area growers reporting a decent crop while others say, there is little to no crop in the trees. Improved varieties are faring much better this year with an expected “bumper crop” for the US. Mexico is also expected to come in with a big crop this year, however accurate data is hard to come by with brokers and producers claiming wildly different positions for the Mexican pecan crop. Shellers / brokers tell of an enormous Mexican crop with no where  to ship all the pecans, while producers will claim the opposite. 


US pecan producers had this same problem prior to release of monthly data by the American Pecan Council, now the industry can view more accurate, audited data showing production and consumption trends without dependency on the rhetoric of brokers, shellers and producers. 


Currently, both consumption and production of pecans is growing at a healthy rate. Pecan shipments from US producers continue to outpace last year, and production is also on the rise. Global pecan production is estimated to rise roughly 6% per year according to a study done by the Boston Consulting Group. 


The pecan industry is expected to experience growth for the foreseeable future as producers attempt to keep pace with growing demand. A consumer shift to healthier and cleaner eating habits has put pecans center stage in the US and around the globe as a high quality, neutral source of plant protein. With the ability to adapt nearly any flavor profile, snacking pecans are also expected to make a big splash in the food industry as well. 


Early varieties like the “Pawnee” are already opening, and will be harvested before the end of the month. Natives from Mexico will also be getting ready to harvest this month as well. Late September is when the early varieties begin harvest with early to mid October starting the bulk of the pecan harvest across the country. 


Buyers and shellers are eager for this year’s harvest to begin as new crop pecans are always best sellers in stores and outlets across the US. New crop pecans will begin shipping by early October.