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Native Pecans May Soon be Obsolete

The Native pecan supply in the US may soon be a thing of the past. As more pecans are planted to supply the growing demand, the native pecans are being phased out by better and more productive pecan varieties. Native pecans are pecan trees that have grown naturally in an area and have never been grafted to an improved pecan variety. The native pecans have long been a major part of the pecan supply making up around 30% of the overall US pecan supply. Now with new trees going in the ground to increase pecan supply, the native pecans are being swapped for improved varieties that are higher yielding and require less inputs due to the favorable characteristics of the improved pecan variety. But, the native variety is not the only variety being phased out. The long beloved “Desirable” pecan variety is also being planted less as better varieties have been tested to show lower input cost with better yields. As the US pecan industry adapts to a more efficient method of production some of the older pecan varieties will be left behind and replaced by more efficient pecan varieties.