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The National Pecan Federation met this week at the Texas Pecan Growers annual meeting in San Marcos Texas. The National Pecan Federation is a group formed to lobby on behalf of US Pecans in Washington D.C. The National Pecan Federation is advised by The Redding Firm, a Washington D.C. based law firm who is experienced in the lobbying process. The group’s main focus has been on MAP funding, which the pecan industry utilizes to develop export markets. However, the newly increased tariffs on US pecans by China was heavily discussed in the meeting. Mr. Redding mentioned that because pecans, when compared to the scope of the trade war are so small, our money would be better spent focusing on lobbying for lowered tariffs in other export markets. But that did not mean we would simply give up. He did mention that we would still express our concern and show the damage done to our industry via loss in price and revenue. The board is now working to gather this data to take to Washington. However due to the fact that the trade war is originating in the top level of the government, our chances having meaningful affect are lower than if we attempt to lobby for lowered tariffs in areas such as India, which at present appears to be a market with great potential for our industry. For now, it would appear that the trade war will continue on, but with mid-term elections approaching in November, many are hoping this will help push to a quicker resolution.