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Mexico’s Pecan Harvest Wraps Up

Just south of the border Mexican pecan growers are finishing the last days of pecan harvest with what looks to be a good crop for the year. 


“Overall quality is good while yield per acre has been average for the year, “ reported one grower in Chihuahua. Overall the crop has been good and buying interest for the area has been very strong. Prices have been up this year, as more Chinese buyers and American shellers have been actively buying in the region. 


American shellers had more competition than usual this year in Mexico as Chinese buyers shifted purchasing habits to Mexico where tariffs on pecans are still at the lower 7% as compared to the US’s 47% when entering China, due to the ongoing trade war.


While the Almond industry has been able to maintain and even grow exports to China, the American pecan industry has struggled to get American pecans into China since the onset of the trade war, which left the door wide open for Mexico to fill the gap. 


Overall the crop in Mexico this year has been a good one, with some areas reporting minimal amounts of high wind damage, and losses. Average quality across the northern region has been around 58% or higher kernel yield with good color quality. Western Schley, Wichita, and Pawnee are the dominant varieties , mostly Western Schley and Wichita, across much of Mexico. Water issues are still a factor in this part of the world just as in the US just north of these producing regions. 


Mexico is all but finished with pecan harvest and many growers have been complete for a couple of weeks. The last few pecans are still coming into cleaning and shelling plants in the region and will continue to be shelled and delivered throughout the season.