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Kphite 7LP for Scab Prevention and Tree Health

For years pecan growers have utilized Kphite 7LP in their disease control program. Gary Veal, Technical Sales Agronomist for the company says Kphite 7LP works in two key ways. First, Kphite 7LP works systemically and protects pecan leaves and nuts from scab. Secondarily, Kphite 7LP contains the only active ingredient that also promotes overall tree health.


Veal continues, the University of Georgia has proven the value of Kphite 7LP in pecan production with years of research on pecan scab. For pecan scab we need 2 quarts per acre early season and 3 quarts per acre when nuts begin to expand and elongate.


Kphite can be used alone at these rates and timings. It is imperative to maintain a minimum 14-day interval on scab sensitive varieties. In periods of high rainfall, foggy mornings, and high humidity growers should tighten spray schedules to 10-day intervals. In mid-June growers may tank-mix Kphite 7LP with other fungicides on varieties with high risk of scab. Growers who use Kphite 7LP in 3 to 4 applications see a corresponding positive response in tree health.


Veal says, past research verifies the overall health aspect. The active ingredient is known to switch on a plant’s immune system. There is no risk of scab or any disease developing resistance to Kphite 7LP allowing growers to utilize the product in multiple applications. Growers report that with Kphite 7LP in the program the balance of their fungicides program works better resulting in better scab control.


One thing that needs to be understood, according to Veal, is that Kphite 7LP is a very safe product. Safe to pecan trees and safe to spray equipment. The pH of Kphite 7LP is neutral at 6.9. While 2 to 3 quarts per acre is common Kphite is uniquely labeled to one gallon per acre.