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Kphite 7LP fit in Pecan Production

The pecan industry has seen an influx of new growers over the past 5-10 years, many of whom are still quite new to understanding the chemistries and products available to growers to fight disease and keep their trees healthy. 


The end goal of course is to produce the best quality pecans with the largest crop load your trees can withstand. Caring for your tree’s health is of vital importance in order to achieve these goals. Regular soil and leaf sampling can give detailed insights into the trees health, but disease management tends to be more visual in nature. 


Scab is our main concern for much of the growing season in the southeastern US, and Mr. Veal has shared with us how one of their products can help growers manage scab at various times throughout the growing season. 


Mr. Veal works with growers in the southeastern pecan growing region to help manage scab in trees. One of their products has caught on in a big way and is now being utilized by growers all across the southeast and into Texas to manage scab pressure and improve tree health. 


With growers asking when the best time and rates for applications, Mr. Veal shared a quick update with us for growers to utilize in order to better understand best application timing and rates for KPhite 7LP. Mr. Veal has broken up the use in pecan trees based on scab susceptibility. If you have more questions growers are encouraged to contact Mr. Veal about rates and application timing. 


Kphite 7LP fit in Pecan Production


Highly Scab Sensitive Varieties:

  •   Early Season

Leaf-scab prevention is outstanding utilizing 2 quarts per acre Kphite 7LP.  Due to it’s low-risk ranking for disease resistance growers can utilize multiple, and sequential applications. 

  •   Mid-Season

Nut-scab becomes the primary issue in late June through early September.  Kphite 7LP can be used alone on most scab sensitive varieties at 3 quarts per acre.  If nut-scab is severe on highly scab sensitive varieties Desirable and Wichita follow UGA recommendations. 

  •   Late-Season

Nut-scab and leaf scab (newly emerged leaves) can be controlled at 3 quarts per acre Kphite 7LP.  Kphite 7LP is an outstanding choice for the season’s final scab sprays.

  •   Resistance management

Including Kphite 7LP with other key scab fungicides, resistance management can be addressed by including 1 or 2 quarts Kphite 7LP in the tank-mix.

  •   Product Shortages or Outages

Kphite 7LP can be utilized stand-alone as indicated at 3 quarts per acre on scab sensitive varieties.


Scab tolerant or Low Scab Sensitive Varieties

For scab tolerant varieties Kphite 7LP can be utilized to control secondary diseases like anthracnose and powdery mildew.  Maintain a 2 quart per acre rate of Kphite 7LP.  Kphite 7LP may be utilized as the sole fungicide in this scenario.  2-4 sprays per season may be required depending on disease pressure and variety.




For more information contact:

Gary Veal, Technical Sales Agronomist, Plant Food Systems, Inc.

Phone (229) 425-1407 or email Garyv@plantfoodsystems.com