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The pecan market is quite active across the US, growers and buyers are reporting pecan prices from all over the US and Mexico and the data has a few surprising results.

The 2018-2019 pecan season is well underway in North America, while growers in the west are preparing to begin harvest in the next few weeks, the rest of the US has gotten underway with harvest. Pecan growers and pecan buyers have been reporting prices on a much larger and more frequent scale this year and the data is quite surprising this year. Pawnee pecan prices are of course some of the first to come in, in large quantities, and prices are fluctuating from buyer to buyer as much as the quality from grower to grower. In Texas prices seem to be the highest with In-shell pawnee pecans trading from $3.26 – $2.84 per In-shell pound for lots larger than 20,000 lbs. In the Oklahoma area Pawnee prices are reported to be in the $2.90 range for large wholesale quantities, but the most surprising numbers are coming in from the Georgia area. Typically Georgia will have some of the highest wholesale prices but this year is shaping up a little differently with Pawnee pecan prices averaging in the $2.50 per in-shell pound range for large wholesale lots over 20,000 lbs. While the Pawnee pecan prices are surprising, perhaps the most surprising pecan prices to date is the drop in Western Schley’s price. The Western Schley pecan prices seem to be on a free fall with prices dropping more each day. While the US has not began harvest of the Western Schley pecan imports from Mexico are significantly increased. Many American pecan growers are concerned that this is bringing down the prices for American grown pecans.