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Improved Quality and Production in Pecans

Sizer XL is a 4-20-22 liquid fertilizer. Many specialty crops growers are seeing benefits in quality and production with supplemental applications of Sizer XL. Blueberry growers, Vidalia Onion growers, etc are utilizing Sizer XL in their production. 


While Sizer XL is not intended to replace growers’ fertility program we have demonstrated that adding a highly soluble form of P&K is beneficial to quality and production. Veal says that Sizer XL is the most soluble form of phosphorus and potassium available. 


A highly soluble form of P&K, Sizer XL goes to work immediately. Veal continues, my challenge was to find the right time to take advantage of supplemental applications of Sizer XL. In pecans, the strategy is to allow June nut-drop and focus Sizer XL applications in July and August to improve the quality and production of the remaining nuts. 


In 2022, Plant Food Systems, Inc. sponsored a pecan research trial with Southeastern Ag Research, Chula Georgia, with Dr. David Moore managing the trial. The protocol called for a one-gallon application in July, followed by a second, one-gallon application in August on a thirty-day interval. 


The replicated harvest trial resulted in 221 additional pounds of pecans per acre. This is a significant increase in production. Another surprise was the nut-meat damage assessment. Veal states the untreated area had a nut-meat damage rating of 2 while the area treated with Sizer XL had a nut-meat damage rating of .47. Veal commented, the improvement in nut-meat quality means the grower should be paid top dollar available for that variety.


Plant Food Systems, Inc. is the manufacturer of Kphite 7LP and Sizer XL based in Zellwood