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Many of largest pecan buyers, almond buyers, macadamia buyers, cashew buyers, walnut buyers, pistachio buyers and all other tree nut buyers meet on Wednesday to discuss ….

The China International Tree Nut Conference begins tomorrow in Zhuhai, Guangdong province of China. The tree nut conference in China is held every year and is a great venue to meet buyers, suppliers and everyone in-between for tree nuts in China. The China market continues to be a growing market for most all tree nuts and China’s appetite for healthy nuts continues to grow. The middle-class economy is the driver behind all this new growth and is expected to continue into the future. One issue to be discussed at the conference is of course the tariffs on US origin nuts into China. The us is the largest producer in the world for almonds and is also the biggest exporter of pecans into china. This has had a major effect on the prices of both almonds and pecans. The event begins Wednesday and ends Friday.