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The US Pecan harvest has just recently gotten underway in the southeast with the early pecan varieties such as Pawnee, being harvested all across south and Middle Georgia and Alabama. Other varieties such as Desirable, Kiowa, Oconee and Stuarts are just beginning to open and are expected to be ready for harvest in the next 2 weeks depending on where you are in the southeast.  However, just as pecan growers are getting started harvesting hurricane Michael is fast approaching the panhandle of Florida and is predicted to move inland directly toward the largest concentration of pecans in Georgia. The path of hurricane Michael is predicted to enter Georgia in the southwest corner and travel northeast through the state dumping large amounts of rain and brining high winds that could ultimately damage the 2018 pecan crop. The threat is in the damage that could be done with the high winds. If the pecan orchard become saturated with rain, high winds will be more likely to blow down trees, and of course the ready pecan crop. If the pecan crop sits on the wet ground too long it could be ruined. Pecan hope hurricane Michael will weaken or turn back out to the gulf, before doing damage to the 2018 pecan crop. “For now, all we can do is get ready to clean up behind the storm and get back to harvest as quickly as possible.”