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Georgia Pecans off to a good start in 2020

Pecan scab control has been outstanding in the first 4 or 5 sprays.  “Although we have had light scab pressure in April and May, growers who used 4-5 sequential applications of Kphite 7LP report that their crop prospects look good plus the trees look better than standard programs”, according to Gary Veal, Technical Sales Agronomist for Plant Food Systems, Inc.

“At the end of my first year in 2017, I saw an opportunity to fine-tune what we were doing with phosphite fungicides in pecans”, says Veal.  “Since Kphite 7LP is ranked as low risk for pecan scab developing resistance, we decided to recommend sequential applications utilizing the higher rate structure.  The proper rate structure for pecan scab is 2-3 quarts per acre.  We believed that early, sequential applications would control pecan scab and could result in overall better tree health”, Veal reports.

“Fully tree-systemic Kphite 7LP foliar sprays move within the pecan tree flowing along with water and nutrients”, says Veal.  Further, says Veal, “Kphite 7LP is highly translaminar, moving rapidly into leaves, and nuts in the water phase. Once it’s dried, it can’t be washed off or diluted by rainfall”.

“As we approach the nut-scab season in pecans, growers using other fungicides should understand that the products like Miravis Top, and Elast/Tin are primarily contact and protectant fungicides.  Elast is noted to feature contact and curative properties.  There is some movement within the tissue with Elast that gives it curative properties.  No other pecan fungicide products move within the tree as does fully tree-systemic Kphite 7LP”, says Veal.

For highly scab sensitive varieties, in University of Georgia research, Kphite 7LP has shown to be effective at the 3 quart per acre rate, used stand-alone.  Below is our nut-scab recommendation to consider for alternation of sprays in the July-August time frame.

  • Kphite 7LP – 3 quarts per acre no other fungicide in tank-mix


  • Kphite 7LP – 2 quarts per acre plus Elast 24-32 fl.oz. per acre.

Kphite 7LP is the only phosphite fungicide/bactericide labeled to 3 quarts per acre for pecan scab.  In fact, Kphite 7LP is labeled to a full gallon per acre; “The Only One”.  Kphite 7LP features the highest concentration of active ingredient AND has the highest use rate of all phosphite fungicides.  Product purity and the Linear Polymer chain of molecules allow us to safely and legally use the higher rate structure for the protecting our pecans from scab, anthracnose, powdery mildew, and other diseases.


For more information about their formulations and his work in pecan orchards, you can contact Mr. Veal directly using the contact information below.


Gary Veal

Plant Food Systems, Inc.

Technical Sales Agronomist