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Georgia Pecan Growers Planning 2023 Fungicides Program

Warm weather has some of our pecan varieties at budbreak. It’s extremely early for bud-break in pecans but we have been here before, says Gary Veal of Plant Food Systems. 


According to UGA specialists in 2007 we saw early freeze damage on some varieties in the pre-pollination period. Veal says, Kphite 7LP has become the grower standard for pre-pollination sprays. 


In a normal year that would mean one fungicide application in April and two applications in May on scab susceptible varieties. The pecan scab organism can begin sporulation at 68 degrees Fahrenheit so we might need an extra pre-pollination spray in the pre-pollination period as bud-break is early this year. 


Many growers use Kphite 7LP in pre-pollination, sequential applications with no other fungicide in the tank. According to Veal, Kphite 7LP is unique in that pecan scab has not developed resistance to the pecan fungicide after years of multiple, back-to-back applications. In 22 years of use in various crops. Kphite 7LP has no report or claim of diseases developing tolerance or resistance. 


According to Veal, Kphite 7LP brand of phosphite fungicide works in two ways. 

  • First, the fungicide works directly on key diseases like pecan scab. 
  • Secondarily, former research indicates that sequential applications improve overall plant health. 


Veal says growers who use multiple applications of Kphite 7LP note a positive tree response. The trees look “greener and healthier”. Veal has been receiving positive feedback from growers at recent trade shows saying they are “well pleased” with Kphite 7LP in the first 3 to 4 applications at 2 quarts per acre rate. 

The cost is competitive and there is no better option to Kphite 7LP in early sprays since we can use the product alone with no other fungicide required. Kphite 7LP remains highly active on pecan leaf scab according to research conducted by the University of Georgia.


Kphite 7LP is manufactured by Plant Food Systems, Inc. of Zellwood Florida. 

Gary Veal is the Technical Sales Agronomist residing in Irwin County Georgia.