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Georgia Pecan Growers Acknowledge Importance of Phosphite Fungicides

Going back four years, pecan growers began to recognize the benefit of starting early and making sequential applications.  Growers often comment on the positive impact of an early start of the crop beginning with pre-pollination sprays.  Preventing scab early is key to a successful disease control strategy.  Kphite 7LP is proven to provide excellent protection from leaf-scab.  Starting clean and free of pecan leaf-scab is very important going into mid-late season where the focus shifts to preventing nut-scab. 

Gary Veal, technical sales agronomist for Plant Food Systems, Inc., says that making applications in the early stage of crops is beneficial.  The bio-active ingredients of Kphite 7LP are carbon based and organic in nature.  Diseases just don’t have much of a chance in building resistance to the molecules.  This allows growers to start early and maintain applications for a period to time.  

Phosphite fungicides are not new to Georgia growers.  But the use of phosphite fungicides had dropped dramatically over the years.  After verifying the university research and correcting the use rates growers are now using more Kphite 7LP.  Veal comments that Plant Food Systems was instrumental in refocusing pecan growers to take a new look at this important chemistry. 

For 2022, pecan growers are concerned about the availability of many inputs that we need to make a pecan crop.  For Plant Food Systems and Kphite 7LP we are able to produce product for 2022 use in pecans and other crops. 


Gary Veal 

Plant Food Systems, Inc.

Technical Sales Agronomist 

(229) 425-1407