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While other parts of the country are dealing smaller crops than previously expected, one state seems to pleasantly surprised with the harvest so far. Pecan farmers in the state of Georgia were watching intently as hurricane Matthew made its way across Florida narrowly missing most of Georgia and heading into the Atlantic Ocean. However it wasn’t over yet, it would seem hurricane Matthew was not done reeking havoc, as the residents of North and South Carolina would soon find out; our thoughts and prayers are with the victims. On a brighter note many Georgia pecan farmers were very concerned about the affects that hurricane Matthew would have on their orchards, but to many of their surprise, it had very little affect. Overall estimates have been somewhere in the 10% crop loss from the affected areas of Georgia, which are very few. Several farmers have sustained significant damage from the hurricane but most farmers in the state were unaffected. This is great news for pecan farmers who are reaping the rewards of high prices along with high yields.