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February 2019 Pecan Industry Position Report

The February pecan industry position report showed positive news for pecan suppliers. Pecan shipments were up from January of 2019 by 17.63% when compared to the previous month. In-shell pecan shipments jumped from 1.1 million to just over 4 million pounds for a 262.1% increase and shelled pecan shipments inched higher to 9.8 million pounds for a 3.4% increase from the prior month. American pecan companies shipped 23,742,652 (converted to in-shell) pounds of pecans in the month of February. Of the 23 million pounds shipped in February, 41% (9,667,959) shipped to export countries, while 59% (14,074,693) stayed for domestic consumption. Overall the numbers look good for the pecan industry with consumption continuing to stay at positive levels; the main concern for pecan buyers is the availability of crop for the rest of the year, however with South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and others about to begin 2019 pecan harvest, we can expect more pecans to be entering the market in the near future. Click the link below to view the full report.