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As the 2017 – 2018 Pecan Nut harvest is getting well under way in the Eastern half of the US a battle of sorts is taking place behind the scenes. It’s no secret that most of the worlds shelled pecan nuts are consumed by the USA, & the European Union. However, this season has seen more aggressive buying activity from both, but Israel has also decided to get more aggressive with buying activities of shelled pecan nuts. Israel has been a solid export market for pecan nuts for many years and has even begun to grow a small number of pecans, but the consumption of pecans far outweighs Israel’s production. With increased demand from the two largest buyers, and more aggressive purchasing from Israel, the shelled pecan market is positioned for a strong year. But, let’s not forget about China. China and pecans have become synonymous with each other, especially when it comes to the in-shell market. However, the Asian markets are developing a taste for the shelled pecan as well, creating even more demand on an already limited pecan nut supply. With increased buying activity, this early in the season, many processors and sheller’s are wondering how long the supply will last in this titled equation.