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The 2018 North American pecan harvest is already under way with early pecan cultivars, while the rest of the pecan varieties are less than weeks away from harvest. As the pecan harvest season kicks off, early offers are coming in for the Pawnee pecan, and Money Makers. However, it’s the Elliot pecan has gained more and more ground over the past years with new pecan snack foods hitting the markets. The Elliot pecan has been a favorite for roasters and more snack food buyers alike. Consumers have grown quite fond of the Elliot Pecan’s high oil content and signature crunchy buttery flavor. The Elliot pecan is also a favorite for roasting as well. The tear drop shaped Elliot pecan is one of the slower cultivars to bring into production which is one of the reasons the availability of the Elliot pecan is more scarce than other favorites like the Pawnee pecan, which is much faster into commercial production. The Elliot pecan tree can take upwards of 9 years to come into commercial production while other commercial varieties can be in production in as little as six to eight years. With longer production times and the Elliot being localized to the southeastern US, gift pack buyers are beating the bushes hard to purchase the highly sought-after pecan.  Several growers of Elliot’s use their production in their own retail brands making the nut that much harder to acquire for re-baggers and shellers.