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Dr. Wells Holds Pecan Industry Panel Q & A

Dr. Lenny Wells held a Q and A panel discussion for American pecan growers in the Southeastern US on Saturday explaining the various roles that each of the organizations play in the broader scope of the global pecan industry.


On Saturday, February 22, 2020, Dr. Wells introduced the three major pecan industry organizations in the US, working for American pecan growers. The National Pecan Federation, The US Pecan Growers Council, and American Pecans. 


The National Pecan Federation (NFP) was represented by Mr. Jeb Barrow. Mr. Barrow answered questions from Dr. Wells and the audience explaining the role and purpose of the National Pecan Federation and how it is designed to work on behalf of pecan growers in matters of policy and lobbying for the pecan industry on capitol hill. Mr. Barrow cited several wins already accomplished on behalf of growers in the form of disaster payments and trade issues. 


The US Pecan Growers Council (USPGC)was represented by Mr. Brad Ellis and Mrs Janice Dees. Mr. Ellis explained how the council has been working in foreign countries to assess markets and increase consumption of pecans in various countries around the globe, that have been identified as high growth markets for pecans. Mrs Dees updated the audience on current growth in various markets such as South Korea and what was happening in China. The USPGC is still actively marketing in China and has high hopes for purchases of tree nuts as part of a trade deal between the US and China



American Pecans was represented by Mr. Mike Adams and Mr. Alexander Ott. Mr Ott explained the current growth of the supply of pecans and the importance of marketing pecans to increase demand for America’s Supernut. Mr. Ott explained what the American Pecan Council is set up to accomplish and what the Council does not do. Mr. Adams gave a brief history of the formation of the American Pecan Council and how it came to fruition over several years. The audience had a short period to ask questions about the organizations and have the panel members answer the questions. 


The discussion was lively while the audience was active with quality questions for the panel members to answer. Time ran short and the meeting culminated with discussions continuing after the panel in the common area of the conference hall. 


Pecan growers in the Western US will also get the opportunity to ask questions to the panel next week at the Western Pecan Growers meeting on March 2nd in Las Cruces, NM.