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Dia Del Nogalero 2019

The Mexican pecan and walnut growers will meet this week in Chihuahua Mexico for the annual “Dia del Nogalero” field day event. This event is is the largest gathering of pecan growers in the world. The event will host multiple speakers through out the 3 day event and will also host a myriad of vendors who service the growing pecan industry in Mexico.

The event also attracts international participants and pecan growers from countries like Brazil, Argentina and south American pecan producing countries. The event will begin on Wednesday and continue until Friday.

The event is held in Delicias, Chihuahua which is a small town in northern Mexico and is also the largest producing region of pecans in Mexico. While the event draws many pecan producers from around the globe, it also attract pecan buyers from countries like China. As the trade war between the US and China shows no signs of resolution currently the appetite for pecans in China continues to grow.

This has led Chinese buyers to shift purchasing of pecans to countries like Mexico where the tariff is still at 7% when importing to China. As the trade war continues, Mexican pecan producers continue to reap higher prices for their pecans. While only a few Chinese buyers attended in previous years attendance is expected to be up for pecan buyers from China.

Updates on the Mexican pecan crop and future production will be given as well as current issues facing the market now and in the future. Mexico has been planting pecans at a vigorous pace as prices and demand for pecans has continued to increase. Mexico is now the largest pecan producing country in the world, just ahead of the US. This has only happened in past few years as more pecan plantings come into production, many of which are in Northern Mexico.