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Demand for Pecans Up 24% Over Last Year

The American Pecan Council released the final pecan position report for the 2020-21 season ending with August, and the numbers look very positive. While some previous months data have been altered again, the cumulative totals show demand for pecans up a total of 24% over last year for the same time period of September thru August. 


Last season growers and shellers shipped a total of 375 million pounds to pecan buyers around the globe. This year that total increased by a whopping 90 million pounds to bring the season total to 465.7 million pounds of pecans shipped. 


The domestic market again took the majority of the supply, consuming 73.88% of the 465.7 million pounds, while the export markets consumed the remaining 26.12% of the total pecans supplied. 



Both in-shell and shelled pecan shipments are up and both the domestic market and the export markets are up for the year. Increases in nearly every category of the reports have also been a contributing factor for on the farm prices increasing as well. 


On the farm pecan prices have rebounded from decade lows with China reentering the market and purchasing larger amounts of in-shell inventory. The market is strong currently and is likely to strengthen as we move into harvest. Many buyers have been eager to get new crop purchased as there could be a shortage next summer if this years harvest comes in lower than previously predicted.