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In February of 2015 China announced that it would lower tariffs on US Pecan Imports into China by a whopping 14% from 24% down to 10%. This was a big win for the US Pecan Industry that has steadily increased pecan exports to China for years. Now with the lowered Pecan tariff at 10% pecan imports in China have continued the upward trend. The demand for pecans in China continues to grow as the US in now exporting more than one third of the pecans produced to China on a consistent basis, and growing. This lowered import tariff put US Pecans on a level playing field with other tree nuts such as California Almonds, which have been experiencing good growth in the China market for years. But, on November 22 China’s Tariff Policy Commission met to enact changes to Import tariffs on various nuts and fruits, among these were pecans. Beginning on December 1st import tariffs for US Pecans will be lowered another 3% to bring the import tariff on US Pecans to 7%. This is another big win for the pecan industry as it will likely continue to improve sales of imported US Pecans in mainland China.