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Every year the Chinese people celebrate the coming of the new year with an annual Spring Festival that rivals any in the world. A large portion of businesses shut down and take leave to enjoy the activates of the New Year celebration. This year marks the year of the Dog, and the Chinese New Year activities begin on February 16, 2018 (China Standard Time) and will last around 15 days. Similar to the American holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas the Chinese New Year Spring festival is when Chinese consumers purchase large quantities of pecans.  Chinese consumers like American consumers still purchase pecans throughout the year, but the Chinese New Year Spring Festival is a time when a significant number of pecans are purchased and given as gifts in China. For Chinese pecan roasters and suppliers, this is a big event and a very busy time of year. Most Chinese roasters make a big push to supply very large quantities to retail outlets throughout China in preparation for the Chinese New Year Spring Festival. Roasters have the challenging job of predicting accurate pecan quantities to purchase in order to supply the huge demand for the Chinese New Year, along with supplying needs of their regular customers for the remainder of the year after the Chinese New Year Spring Festival has concluded. The significance of this, is that demand for pecans continues to increase in China, and roasters say that current supplies are getting “dangerously low”. Many of the Chinese roasters are anxiously awaiting to restock with new crop US Pecan supplies.