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Asia, Europe, and North America Top Global Pecan Markets

The US continues to be the largest consumer of pecans  with an average of between 70 to 80% of the pecan shipments delivered here in the US. However the Asian market has been a big export market for many years.


The market has moved between first and second largest export market for pecans as the political landscapes have had major effects on trading partners and flows of pecans to Asian markets. 


The first half of the season shows exports doing well for the season with Asia leading the purchases. Just behind Asian markets we have the European market that has long been one of the largest export markets for decades. 


Pecan shipments have been increasing over the past few years. Pecan exports to the Asian market took a hit when the trade war between China and the US began, however American pecans have found their way to many more Asian countries and regions as the growers continue to market in various countries. 



European markets have been purchasing more pecans as the American Pecan Council and now the APPB have been working in the German market to bolster demand. 


The new crop this year is just beginning to form on the trees in the northern hemisphere as harvest is nearing in the southern hemisphere. As we move forward in the season, buyers and sellers are watching supply levels very close as supplies have been trending lower than usual.