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APC Holds “Pecan Congress” Meeting

The American Pecan Council is meeting this week in Dallas for a regular council meeting where they will discuss a variety of topics as well as hold the first ever “Pecan Congress”. The “Pecan Congress” is a meeting where each state pecan organization has been asked to send two representatives to travel to Dallas, meet the council members, and sit in on a meeting to educate and engage more growers about the important work being done by the APC. The “pecan congress” is meant to foster a more engaged pecan community among American pecan growers while helping to build support for the APC. Even more important than the community is the engagement in the current affairs of the APC by more American pecan growers. The APC belongs to the pecan growers of America, it is completely funded by American pecan growers, and needs their engagement and participation. The American pecan industry has some big hurdles facing it and needs more grower engagement in order to thrive. The council meetings are open to the public and ALL pecan growers are encouraged to attend and participate in the meetings.