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American Pecan Industry Making Forward Progress

The American Pecan industry formed it’s marketing, research, and regulatory council just a short time ago, now with a fully staffed office and regular council meetings, progress is being made, and the pecan industry is starting to see the fruits of its labor.

The American Pecan Council has been quite busy over the last 6-8 months with multiple projects in the pipeline, the pecan industry is now receiving usable data about the current supply and demand figures, and there is much more to come. From international marketing and developing a unified export strategy for American Pecans to the land IQ project of digitally mapping pecan trees throughout the US the American Pecan Council has wasted no time getting down to business. Perhaps one of the most interesting projects is the recent industry study that looked at the pecan industry as a whole and how the American Pecan industry fits into the larger global picture. Pecan supply is expected to increase significantly in the coming years and the American pecan industry will be the leader as long as the it continues to unify and work together to market the crop. Industry unification has been one the early messages from APC director Alexander Ott and so far it looks like he is right. From the recently held pecan congress to the increased communication the American pecan industry is getting positive feedback from growers and shellers alike; and for most industry players the future looks very bright.