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American Pecan Board Member Elections

The pecan growers of America are casting their ballots for the next board members of the American Pecan Council, in the second ever election of the young organization. 


Only a few short years ago American pecan growers banded together to form the council that serves as the governing board of American Pecans. The organization has made good progress over the past few years moving demand for pecans, from stagnant and actually slightly contracting domestically, to increasing year over year. 


The APC staff has made significant headway in moving pecans into more arenas than just a pie shell. We have seen much more innovation with pecans as snacks and ingredients over the past few years when the APC staff began various nutritional campaigns with numerous social, print, TV, streaming, web, and radio media outlets. 


The organization has also begun several research projects, from using satellites to map pecan orchards in the US to understanding how pecans may enhance cognitive performance in humans. While these are only a few of the projects the organization also touts another impressive number, $0.75. That’s the amount of every dollar the organization has committed to marketing America’s Native Nut. With the bulk of their funds going toward marketing, the organization has made it clear that their goal is to increase awareness and consumption of pecans. 


They have had great success, so far, the organization has managed to turn around the negative consumption rate and is currently boasting an increase in consumption of 12.5% since the inception of the federal marketing order. While the path has been rocky with the onset of a trade war, the APC has been able to navigate the tumultuous waters safely and identify new markets to focus their efforts on. 


As pecan growers across the US cast their ballots for the new board members they weigh heavily the responsibilities of the position and the time that the council members invest to serve this great industry. 


As an American pecan grower and pecan industry participant, I would like to say thank you to all of the current American Pecan Council board members who have worked over these past few years and given up countless hours to move our industry forward, your service is appreciated. 


Ballots must be in before May 15th.