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Ambassador Tai Responds On Pecan Tariff Issues

The Honorable Reverend Raphael Warnock with the support of seven other senators, recently penned a letter to Ambassador Katherine Tai concerning the unfair trade tariffs on pecans entering India. 


The tariffs are set at 100% making the market inaccessible to US pecan growers to sell their pecans. This issue has been ongoing for several years now, as growers work to access new emerging economies that could benefit from open trade and healthy pecan products for its consumers. 


Senator Warnock and others Eight Senators Ask For Prompt Attention to Pecan Trade , asked that this issue be addressed and the unreasonably high tariffs be removed or at minimum reduced to reflect a more fair trade environment. With the support of seven other senators Mr. Warnock sent the letter to Ambassador Katherine Tai to enact the desires of the US farmers and voters. 


Ambassador Tai has responded with a somewhat hopeful response for finally getting something done on the ongoing issue of high tariffs. Ambassador Tai responded with: 


“USTR has raised the issue of pecan tariffs with India consistently for the past several years, including through the U.S.-India Trade Policy Forum – our principal vehicle for engaging India on market access and agricultural issues.


As I prepare to chair a Trade Policy Forum Ministerial later this year alongside India’s Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal, USTR will continue working to achieve a positive outcome on this issue and other barriers affecting U.S. agricultural exports.”




Hopefully as Ambassador Tai moves into a chair position on the Trade Policy Forum Ministerial, we can finally see some positive results for the removal of a pointless tariff that merely hinders trade for US farmers. 

The National Pecan Federation has been working to address this issue for some time now. With the guidance of the esteemed Redding Firm we are now seeing some traction and are able to get our message heard by the right people. The pecan industry owes the Redding Firm a debt of gratitude for the work and experience lent to our cause by Mr. Redding and his team.  From our family to yours, Thank you.