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2019 South African Pecan Crop

As the new year moves along pecan growers around the globe are in various different stages of production. In the US and Mexico pecan growers are focused on planting and orchard irrigation maintenance, as well as preparing for the new crop to begin to bloom out in the near future. While in South Africa the pecan crop is progressing along nicely and nuts are in the “water fill” stage. The image displayed above is from one of our friends, followers and fellow pecan farmer in South Africa. The pecans have reached the water fill stage and will soon form into and edible kernel. The pecan harvest in South Africa is opposite the US and Mexico with pecan growers beginning harvest May. South Africa is still a relatively small producer in the world supply chain but that is quickly changing, with South African being the fastest growing producer in the world, outpacing the US and Mexico, in year over year growth. This trend is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. South Africa sends the large majority (around 90%) of their pecan production to China but have been looking to develop new markets. The US also imports pecans from South African growers to fill the growing demand in the US or to be shelled and sent into other export markets.