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2019 Pecan Tree Plantings Begin

Pecan planting season has begun in the southern US. While most pecan growers have finished harvest, this time of year is used for planning new orchards and inter planting “skips” in existing orchards. Pecan growers say that this is one of the most important times in a pecan trees life. If not planted at the correct depth, the feeder roots may not spread out properly allowing the tree to overturn and uproot in higher winds or stormy weather situations. “This is the most crucial step” says one Alabama grower, “if we get it wrong, we could lose this tree when it gets top heavy.” He says, signs of incorrect planting may not show up for years, allowing for even more cost and inputs to be put into the tree before realizing the tree won’t survive. “Pecan trees are hard to kill, but they can be very temperamental.” Another issue pecan growers are dealing with is availability of trees. Since the recent hurricane destroyed a significant amount of trees and orchards in Georgia, pecan nurseries have been sold out, with many growers replanting damaged pecan orchards.

The pecan tree pictured above is an example of a improperly planted pecan tree. This tree was planted too deep, however the farmer was unable to tell until year 9 of the trees life, costing far more than if found early on.