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2019 Pecan Exports Start Strong

US Pecan Exports started 2019 with strong numbers in January and February after coming of a few weaker second half of 2018 due to trade tensions with the US and other countries such as China which has been one of the largest in-shell pecans buyers in recent years. When the trade war escalated last year US agricultural exports were among the targeted commodities produced by the US, and pecans along with all other tree nuts received increased tariffs and slowed export volumes to certain countries. China quickly shifted in-shell pecan purchasing to Mexico and South Africa to offset the higher tariffs on US produced pecans.

In January of 2019 pecan exports picked up significantly with a 168% increase in exports over the previous month, with shelled pecan shipments to Europe accounting for the majority of exports in January.

While overall pecan shipments did drop in February 2019, it is still the second highest reported month with over 9.6 million pounds (in-shell basis) shipped in February. As the American Pecan Industry releases more data we will get a better picture of the demand for the current year.