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2018 will be another big year for pecan tree plantings in the southern US, pecan tree nurseries reporting this is as the biggest since last year and they increased crop size yet again, but will the current rate of plantings be enough…

As seasoned pecan growers and new pecan growers alike are busy clearing land and laying out the fields for trees and irrigation, pecan sheller’s are busy shelling pecans at near full capacity, in efforts to keep up with the orders from pecan buyers around the globe. This year is similar to any of the past years in the last decade. Pecan tree plantings are again at record levels, but is it enough to keep up with the demand. Many industry professionals say no, that currently we are unable to increase supply fast enough to meet demand. Most pecan professionals are of the opinion that it will take another 30 years of increased plantings and pecan acreage expansion before we can meet the current global demand. But that’s not the entire story. On the demand side of the equation the US has increased efforts both domestically and globally through the US Pecan Growers handling the export markets, and the newly formed American Pecan Council handling the domestic marketing activities. Demand for pecans in both these areas is expected to increase over the coming years. As the demand continues to increase the need for more pecan acreage will likely also increase.