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The 2017 pecan growing season has been a challenge for producers around the globe. The South African crop produced fewer Oversize (OVS) pecans as a whole which will likely result in a overall smaller production for SA than anticipated. Growers in the Southeastern US have been battling SCAB non-stop, since bud break, however most producers report being able to stay ahead of it [scab] so far. The Stuart (STU) crop in the Southeastern US is expected to be off by as much as 15-20% this year. But the major concern amongst accumulators, and pecan sheller’s is Mexico’s pecan production. Mexico is a large producer of pecans making up nearly half of the world’s supply. The significance of this, is that many growers in Mexico have reported lower than average crop set and are expecting less production. Growers in Chihuahua and Coahuila are reporting a 20-30% loss, while growers in the pacific coastal zone are reporting as high as 40% reduction from an average year. These regions are the largest producing regions in Mexico and will likely have a significant effect on the total global pecan supply.