Content Policy

At Pecan Report we are here to serve the global pecan industry with timely, relevant, accurate information. In order to have your content considered for publication we ask that you follow a few guidelines to help us and our community continue to thrive.

Original Content

Original Content – your information should be your own, or properly cite the author(s) of the content according to best practices. We do not allow excessive repetitive, duplicate, or unoriginal content, misspellings, grammatical errors. We do not allow material taken from another site, then rewriting that material so that it is not identical.


Transparency – our readers know they can trust the information on because each piece of content must be dated, have a byline, information about author(s), any publication referenced, the company or network behind it, if applicable, and contact information. Authors should not attempt be mislead the reader in any way, the message should be clear and honest.

Ad’s and Sponsored Content

Ad’s and Sponsored Content – we do allow advertising and sponsored content on our site. These are paid services and must be identified as such. These must always be kept separate from your non-paid content. Our site does not allow content that conceals or misrepresents sponsored content as independent, editorial content. Sponsorship, including, but not limited to, ownership or affiliate interest, payment, or material support, should be clearly disclosed. *Note – we do not allow the sale or purchase of pecans or the advertisement for the sale or purchase of pecans on our website in either paid or non-paid content and advertising.


Legal – We do not allow content that promotes or facilitates dangerous or illegal activities.


Malware – We do not allow links to malware, viruses, or other harmful software.

Right to Refuse

We appreciate all of our contributors and encourage all participants of the pecan industry to engage with us and our global audience. All content submitted is subject to approval and we reserve the right to refuse publishing of content and we also reserve the right to remove any content for any reason with out notice.

Check Back Regularly

We update our policies regularly without notice and we encourage all contributors and viewers to check back regularly. These policies are subject to change without notice, it is the users responsibility to check these policies regularly for updates and compliance.