How does your company benefit from advertising on our website?

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Super targeted market segment

We cater specifically to the pecan industry, and only the pecan industry. Our readers are active members of the pecan industry. 

Global pecan market

World wide audience

Our viewers are a truly global audience. We have managed to target pecan industry participants from around the globe.

Largest viewership in the world

In less than 90 days from the start of our marketing activities we have grown to the largest viewership of any pecan industry publication. And we are still growing daily. 

2,700 active users every 7 days and climbing - 

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Multi-Media Ads

use Multimedia advertising to better show your customers and potential customers the value your product brings to their operation. 

This can be done, through video, animations, and more

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Be in front of your customers when it counts. With our viewers logging on daily, you can be sure that your message is getting in front of your customers at the right time. 

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24 hour a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year

Be where your customers are at all times. Don't let your advertising dollars be thrown away in a stack of papers on the kitchen table or dash of the truck ie "the office". Be in your customers pocket everywhere they go every day. 


Allow your customers to take action immediately, by adding a link to your phone, email, or checkout page on your website. 


Advertise to your customers in Multiple languages

Take advantage of our multi-lingual reader base and advertise in any language, to any audience in the world.