Rumors of High Level Fraud in the American Pecan Industry

Rumors of High Level Fraud in the American Pecan Industry.jpg

Several weeks ago, growers from all over the country converged in San Marcos Texas for the Annual Texas Pecan Growers Convention and trade show. Many topics were discussed openly and honestly in various meetings from exporting pecans to marketing domestically, along with pecan scab and other pecan management practices for pecan growers to use in their own operations. However, one of the topics not so openly discussed was one of fraud and deception in the American pecan industry. Rumors began circulating prior to the pecan meeting in San Marcos. While at the convention several pecan growers and buyers asked if we knew anything about the “fraud” taking place. We of course inquired to the nature of the rumor. What we heard next was a little unsettling to say the least. We have since continued to investigate and currently have good reason to believe the rumors may in fact be true. Currently we are discussing this issue with pecan industry officials. If found to be true, this could mean the dismissal of member(s) from the APC. We will keep you updated of the findings of this investigation.