South Africa sold out as buyer's prepare for USA Harvest

south Africa, USA pecan nut harvest

As the South African pecan harvest is all but sold out pecan buyers are hoping for a good crop from the US Pecan Growers to fill the ever-rising demand from Asian and European export markets, as well as the recent growth in the domestic (US) pecan market...

Some pecan buyers are coming up short.

As the South African Pecan Grower is well into harvest, many buyers have found it almost impossible to get even a single shipment booked for the harvest season. This is due largely in part to the rising demand for pecan nuts around the world and the still, limited supply available to fill that demand. South Africa is the 3rd largest pecan nut supplier in the world but still only produce around 24 million pounds (11 million kgs). To put that supply amount in perspective, it is equivalent to less than one third of the pecan nut production in the state of Georgia. 

USA pecan harvest draws ever closer. 

In the South Eastern USA, pecan growers are still dealing with heavy scab pressure from regular showers and high humidity, but say that so far they have been able to keep ahead of the scab through tighter spray schedules and many even utilizing night spraying to stay ahead of the scab.

Buyers line up for the USA pecan harvest. 

With the USA pecan nut harvest less than two months away, buyers are clamoring for their spot at the table. As many buyers begin to offer contracts for needed pecan nut supplies, growers have been reluctant to contract large volumes due to weather concerns and the affects it could have on the pecan nut volume produced. Other buyers say they are "just gonna wait to see what [pecan] prices do."