The American Pecan Council Released 2017-2018 Pecan Crop Data

American Pecan Council Releases 2017 - 2018 Pecan Position Report.jpg

The American Pecan Council has released pecan crop data for the past two pecan crop years and for the first time in history, the pecan industry has more accurate and detailed data to work with. As part of the Federal Marketing Order voted into existence by American Pecan growers, the American Pecan Council has been collecting data from pecan “handlers” about various aspects of the pecan crop. Now that the APC has had time to disseminate the data collected, they have released reports and plan to release updated data each month.

Total Pecans reported by handlers for the 2018 Crop Year. Pecans are reported by variety

*Please note that the crop year is reported from Sep 1 thru Aug 31 each year. As suspected Western Schley made up the largest portion by variety at 32.6% of the total pecan crop reported.

In-Shell Pecan by Variety as of Aug 31, 2018

In-shell pecan inventory as of August 31, 2018

In-shell Pecan Inventory Committed 2018

Shelled pecan inventory as of August 31, 2018

Shelled pecan inventory committed

The report allows pecan industry participants a better look at the current crop availability and the types of pecans that are in demand compared to others. For example in the report we can see that pecan halves as of August 31, 2018 have been overcommitted, which basically means that pecan sellers have already committed a portion of the upcoming crop in the form of halves, which of course is good news for the industry which shows strong demand. However the pecan pieces market is flush with product currently. You can view the full report by clicking the link below.